Composite Diamonds: The Complete Guide

Looking for a large diamond ring without the hefty price tag? A composite diamond ring could be the answer. These showstopping engagement rings offer the same sparkle and glamour of a large diamond, usually at a lower cost.

Jeweler Rahul Sacheti explains that composite diamonds are often set within a ring in just the right way “to convey a larger appearance.” These jewels may also be glued together to form doublets or triplets that are then set the same as a single, larger gemstone would.

Pros and Cons of Composite Diamonds

The pros of composite diamonds are plentiful. Aside from their attractive cost, the design possibilities with composite diamonds are nearly unlimited. Composite diamonds are perfect for creating intricate details. “The clustered designs are always unique and allow for more artistic expression,” Sacheti says. Still, there are negative aspects to composite diamond rings. First, the potentially high repair costs for a broken composite diamond can negate the savings on the piece and the future value of a composite diamond ring is generally not as clear. Furthermore, the environmental impact on the stones could change the appearance and possibly cause breakage.

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