Custom Design Experience

Our designs are made in Houston, TX in collaboration with small family businesses that have jewelry running deep in their veins. All our pieces are made when ordered or in small batches helping us reduce waste and ensure quality. We ask one simple question of you, what is your vision?

A man writes on a tablet


Set-up Consult 

A jeweler inspects a diamond with a magnifying glass


Diamond and Jewelry Education, Diamond Viewing, and Final Selections

Where RS1 learns about you and your vision, while passing along the knowledge for you to make an informed decision.

A jeweler designs a piece of jewelry on paper with a pen


Design Process

After seeing your design inspiration RS1 combines all aesthetics you value to best display the diamond (s) or stone (s) you have selected.

Four computer generated images of a ring design


Design Delivery

This is where RS1 shares the Computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing images that represent your vision. During this phase the client will get to revise and edit the design.

A jeweler works on a set of jewelry in a shop


Approve Design for Manufacturing

A jeweler inspects a diamond with a magnifying glass


Quality Control and Appraisal

Once the design is complete, we conduct quality control and have a 3rd party appraisal of the item conducted.

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Via Fedex Overnight. We will provide a tracking number when the item ships.

Jeweler working on a diamond


Unbox and Enjoy Showing Off that New Jewelry

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